The Indiana University Paleontology Collection (IUPC) in the Department of Geological Sciences at Indiana University - Bloomington has served as a public trust research repository for fossil material since 1903. This IU reservoir of fossils serves as a scientific research resource both locally and internationally and it is the only stable repository and curated type collection in the state of Indiana.

The collection currently holds approximately 1.5 million lots of specimens (or 5 million individual specimens) that were given by students and faculty in the Department, members of the Indiana Geological Survey, donations, and from exchanges of materials from a variety of sources over a century. The IU Paleontology Collection also holds the largest collection of conodont specimens in the country.

This digital library objective is to increase the visibility of the IUPC for accessibility and effective browsing of inventory. Digitization of the collection material started in 2015. The digital collection focuses on type specimen and research collection specimens. This site is open and free to the public.

In addition to the two-dimensional images of specimens or scans of documents, the IUPC will be integrating the digital three-dimensional images of specimens to the online database at the later stage of this project.

This digital library holds highlights of the collection under Exhibits, while the other items can be found in Items or Collections.